Learn About MFT on lynda.com

2 thoughts on “Learn About MFT on lynda.com

  1. Just finished watching your Lynda.com class. So happy to see some MFT training. I am one of those who moved up from point and shoot and am loving the system. Not many MFT shooters here in the Midwest, so it is nice to learn from the two of you. Class was well put together and great for all levels of experience. Looking forward to more MFT on Lynda!

  2. Hi Guys: I’d been waiting for this class for some time and it did not disappoint! REALLY helpful and enjoyable, particularly in that it covered both still and video. A question: do you think M43 is a good choice for some low light situations like weddings and concerts? The EM1 is getting tremendous reviews, but none I’ve seen have covered that use case. I’m at a crossroads right now: I own a very very old Canon Rebel, and am torn between wondering if I should go full frame with a 6D or 5DM3 (and pay the considerable expense, weight and on going expense of L glass) or if the lighter, less expense, M43 system, with its great glass would be as good or better (given the added depth of field when shooting wide, and great in body stabilization). Any thoughts?

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