And The Winners Of The SCU Scholarships Are…

In August, my pal Skip Cohen will run the summer session of SCU for portrait and wedding photographers. The event is in Chicago and features an all-star lineup of photographic educators.

As is my habit, I am awarding scholarships to those who can’t afford to attend. Out of all the applications I received, I selected five people who I thought were deserving. And the winners are:

Patricia Epps
Brian Poisson
Eric Zoeller
Cristal Schorn
Aaron Paschal

Congratulations and enjoy your time in Chicago.

2 thoughts on “And The Winners Of The SCU Scholarships Are…

  1. Scott, I was looking for a physical address so I could send you a thank you note for your generosity in awarding me a scholarship to SCU2013 but couldn’t find one. Just wanted to say a THANK YOU for that scholarship!!!!!!! I did attend and had a great time of learning. I am deeply humbled by your generous, giving spirit. I can’t think of any other words at the moment except THANK YOU again!!!!!!!

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