Seven Features I’d Like To See Added To Twitter

I love Twitter. I believe that it is more valuable to me than any other social media network. I don’t believe for a minute that G+ has as many users as they claim. Facebook is too juvenile. LinkedIn is full of accountant types. And all the rest are fine, but none pulls for me like Twitter. I realize it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s mine. Still, I wish Twitter offered a few more features. Here’s my wish list. What’s your list look like?

1. A mute button in addition to a block button. There are times someone is snarky enough that I’d just like to shut them out without having to block them.

2. I’d like better options for searching older Tweets.

3. I’d like the ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts from inside the main Twitter interface instead of using third-party apps.

4. The ability to “like” or +1 a Tweet.

5. The ability to use Twitter’s built-in RT button but still add a comment.

6. The ability to schedule a Tweet from within the main Twitter interface instead of using third-party apps.

7. Better integration with mainstay photo apps like Lightroom and Photoshop.

I realize you can do some of this stuff with third-party apps but I’ve had bad luck using them so in case you guys at Twitter are listening, how about it?


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