Do You See The Mountain Lion?

Photo by Scott Bourne – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons

5 thoughts on “Do You See The Mountain Lion?

  1. Every time I see the big cat I remember when I faced one in Washington state. I was walking to a mountain stream with 2 buckets on a yoke, not paying too much attention to my surroundings. The wild fern grew to 6 leaving me with no distance vision. I rounded a \curve in the path and there he was. I found so much fear that I ‘move. We had a standoff for a few seconds. The buckets somehow clanged together and both of us left in a hurry. I back to the cabin and he, well, I just don’t know. It was a quarter mile back to the cabin and I bet I got back to the cabin before those buckets and yoke hit the ground. At the time, I was a skinny 15 year old. My eternity could have started right there. I praise the Lord for His mercy..

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