Lower Antelope Corkscrew Slot Canyon #9

Photo by Scott Bourne – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons

I made this shot two months before the big flood at Antelope Canyon which claimed 11 lives. I shot it on film, had it drum scanned and then eventually years later took it into Photoshop and created a digital negative. It’s one of the most beautiful yet unusual places I’ve ever been. Worth a visit if you find yourself near Page, AZ – the upper canyon is MUCH safer and easier to photograph than the lower where I made this shot – and where the tourists died during the flood.

6 thoughts on “Lower Antelope Corkscrew Slot Canyon #9

  1. We were there last summer and learned about that flood. Incredible (and deadly) phenomenon. The tour guides were quite nervous about thunderstorms in the forecast. Great shot.

  2. Mr Bourne,
    I once conducted an interview with you for my College newspaper, The Challenger [Tacoma Community College; 1999] and after viewing your work at a downtown gallery, bought one of your photos of the Antelope Canyon series.
    You are an incredible and gifted artist and my favorite.
    Although the print that I bought was stolen, I plan to purchase another and hope to hear that you have a showing in the Jefferson City, Missouri area soon.
    Respectfully, D. Valentin

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