Skip’s Summer School Scholarships

Every year my friend Skip Cohen holds a world-class educational event for photographers called Skip’s Summer School. I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to teach at each of these events and it gets better every year.

I know times are tough for many of you. And $499 for a photo conference may be out of your reach. It’s important enough to me that you go that I’m willing to buy your ticket. I’ll pick up the tab for your admission but you’re responsible for your food, lodging and transportation to and from Chicago. I want you to invest in yourself if I’m going to invest in you.

I am willing to offer 10 such scholarships. All you need to do is write to me at and give me your name, telephone number, email address and tell me why you want to go. You also need to convince me that you can cover your expenses getting to and staying in Chicago. I’ll pick the 10 most deserving folks and pay for your ticket. PLEASE do not write to me if you can’t make it. You’ll be taking a seat from someone else who might really need it.

Skip’s Summer School is a small, boutique photo conference with hands-on shooting and photo lectures that can change your career and even your life. If you can afford to go, buy your own ticket. If you can’t, I’ll buy it for you.

Send me an email right away if you’re interested. The hotel is holding rooms at a special rate until July 21, 2012 so don’t delay.

See you at Summer School!

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